Qualified Assessor

Ann qualified in 1979 as an Occupational Therapist and has over 35 years of experience working within the NHS, local Government and the private sector. Her professional area of expertise is working within the community setting; this led her to set up her successful practice, the Tansor Mobility Centre to help improve lives through independence.

Ann has a comprehensive knowledge of the needs of people living with all levels of disability. She can provide specialist individual information for patients with diverse and complex needs within their own home. This allows for environmental assessment and the provision of equipment and home adaptations to maximise client independence.

Visitors to Tansor Mobility Centre can take advantage of Ann's specialist knowledge of products and services by arranging an appointment to meet with her there. This service is provided free of charge and is the recommended first stage of assessment.

If it is felt necessary to provide a full home assessment in order to see daily challenges and make a full evaluation of need, there is a charge of £120 for a visit by an independent Occupational Therapist (any follow up visits necessary are £60 per hour). To understand what this involves please see below:

What is an assessment? – the 3 step process

Step 1 – Discuss your situation

· What is your background situation?

· What issues are you facing?

· Where do the issues occur?

· When are the problems most prevalent?

· Why do the problems occur?

Step 2 – Evaluate


· Movement and function within each room

· What do you do and what problems are faced in each room

· Safety issues – stairs, bathroom, kitchen, access in and out of your property

· Who is normally in the house and what happens if you are on your own

· Any other difficulties or concerns

Step 3 - Report

· List the issues experienced

· Based on extensive knowledge recommend solutions:

o Mobility in the home

o Mobility away from the home

o Day to day living tasks – bathing/eating/reading

o Carer Aids

o Alterations within the home

o Access to your home