Key Suppliers

We have many suppliers and are able to source products to meet your needs. Frequently used items we will stock in the showroom.  We also have a range of equipment available for rent. 

For specialist requirements we can order customised equipment built specially for you. If it needs installing or modifications to your house we can also arrange this through our 3rd party suppliers.

If you don't see the products that you need please ask as we can usually source your requirements. This list below contains some of our key suppliers, we have many more, please come and see us, we can source the correct products for you.

Supplier Products     
Karma Wheelchair Supplier (manual powered).
 InvacareOutoor/Indoor Wheelchair Supplier.
 MangarBed, Bath, and Manual Handling Equipment based on air inflation.
 Bakare Adjustable Beds, Pressure Mattresses.
 Easy Chair CompanySpecialist Seating supplier, Riser chairs, Upright and High Seating. 
Nordic Care Services
Transfer and Positionng equipment, sliding bed sheets, bathing and toileting, daily living aids and toileting, walking aids, Pressure relief and comfort. 
 Chiltern InvadexChiltern Invadex provides solutions for living, with a range of products designed to aid mobility, independence and help improve daily life. 
Total Hygiene
 The Total Hygiene (Clos-o-Mat) Palma Vita automatic WC sets the standard for shower toilets, providing simultaneous flushing and washing with the addition of warm air drying.        
Enable Access

Enable Access manufactures both the RampCentre mobility access and wheelchair ramps, and the ExitMaster emergency stairway evacuation chairs.

Arjo Huntleigh

Producers of The Sara Stedy™, a further development of the  Stedy™ aid, a proven mobility-promoting support tool that encourages more mobile residents/patients to stand up independently.